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Keeping it Local

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All things Brevet…

All things Brevet…

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Film Brief:

Bikepacking and Brevet events are on the rise, a genre of biking that appeals to a wide market. In Canterbury NZ, ‘The Flahute Presents’ events organiser is fanatical about everything to do with biking, living on his own bike park and offering over 25 events (non competitive) in his calendar. This film will document his weird and wacky brevet style and follow a first time brevet rider through some majestic Canterbury high country.

Salsa Cutthroat, to be used in the project

Salsa Cutthroat, to be used in the project


Shailer and Candice Hart own a little slice of paradise in the McQueens Valley on the southern slopes of Banks Peninsula. They call it ‘The Haven’, a series of trails criss cross the steep hills in some regenerating native bush. The scene will be set by introducing Shailer and his events.

After interviewing the couple at their home, footage will be shot riding their trails. Aerial footage will reveal the majestic setting of The Haven.

The third character is Deane Parker, Deane hasn’t competed in any bike racing for over 25 years from a promising start as both a road and mountain bike racer. Normally the type of rider that shies away from events.

Deane will particpate in the ‘Lakeside Views’, a 250km 2 day brevet to have a go at an organised event. We will film Deane’s preparation and get some insight into what’s involved as a first time brevet rider.

The event will be shot POV style by Deane with supporting ground and aerial footage by Extremekid Productions.

Below is a short film shot in the same location to the event;

Project Status;

The event is scheduled for 28/29 September. The project is being supported by Salsa Cycles and Salsa’s platform will be the online premiere for maximum exposure. The film will be submitted to other online sites i.e and

The resulting film will be sub 10 minutes in length to appeal to the online audience. The target audience is bikers from all walks of life that may have contemplated participation in a Brevet/Endurance style event

The plan is to premiere the film Mid December. Our goal is to generate 10k views within a 6 month period. To achieve this we will also offer editorial for printed magazines (Spoke Magazine) and for blogs on sponsors websites. There will be a trailer released prior to the film premiere and accompanying social media campaign.

We are looking to attract brand partners to support the film with funding, product and online platforms for exposure.


Current Partners.


Salsa Cycles

Trackme NZ


Ground Effect Clothing

Rab Down wear


Cyclewerks NZ

Goat Cycles Bike Shop

Sponsorship Proposal.

Premium Sponsor;

Any brand that can cover the trip expenses will receive maximum exposure at the same level as Salsa Cycles. This will include;

  • Brand logo appearing at the start and in the credits of the film

  • exclusive editorial content for your use

  • tagging in the accompanying social media campaign

Equipment Sponsor;

All brands that support the project with equipment will receive the following exposure;

  • Brand logo appearing in the credits of film

  • A gear review published on and offered for your use

  • tagging into the accompanying social media campaign

Image by @extremekidproductions (also the title pic)

Image by @extremekidproductions (also the title pic)

Fluid Trails - Kahurangi Bikerafting Epic, The Film

Fluid Trails - Kahurangi Bikerafting Epic, The Film

‘Fluid Trails’ the film, is a collaboration of a few key people and brands. The concept was always to spin some yarns about the recreational opportunities of the National Park through the eyes of an expedition on singletrack and white water. I am proud to introduce the trailer to the film.

The full film will first screen an the NZ Mountain Film Festival in Wanaka late June before being uploaded for free to air access for all on a TBC platform.

For now enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more content, gear reviews, route guide and blog coming soon.

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‘Kahurangi translates to Treasured possession’ - Deane Parker



Kahurangi National Park is the 2nd largest national park in NZ with some of the most diverse and spectacular landscapes in the country. Free flowing pristine rivers tumble out of alpine tussock lands and temperate rainforest. Untouched wilderness is intersected by one of NZ's Great Walks, The Heaphy Track and the recently completed Old Ghost Road, at 85km the longest single track in the nation. Bordered on the south by one of the biggest volume rivers, The Buller. Running through the heart of Kahurangi is the Mokihinui, a swift flowing torrent hemmed in by a stunning granite canyon.  The Aorere tumbles out of the mountains in the North through bands of limestone, emptying into the ocean at Golden Bay.

‘It was a really good challenge, especially with a bike on my boat.’ - Muel



  • Deane Parker- Pioneering rivers on the west coast is a way of life for Deane, packrafting as bikerafting was his evolution of adventure travel. For Deane the plan of this journey encompasses so many pockets of Deane’s past

  • Samuel ‘Muel’ Jones- still running rivers professionally along with many other outdoor leadership roles, Muel is the mountain man always taking one for the team and one paddle or pedal stroke in front.

  • Rose Green- Fresh from a summer of extreme tandem downhill in Europe, Rose is a talented rider with endurance to burn. A nurse and Mum when not adventuring.





By considering your brand being involved in this project you will be supporting one of the most ambitious adventure film projects made in NZ in recent history. International exposure on large and small screens with high quality film production will ensure large viewership and high value return on investment”- Deane Parker, project manager.

We are looking for partners to help us to fund the polishing of the film (sound design and colour grading) for premiering at the NZ Mountain Film Festival, Wanaka at the end of June 2019. The online premiere will be hosted by a to be decided on platform immediately after the film festival screening. 

“Kahurangi National Park is such a diverse place”. Rose Green

Press Release,

Following on from the success of the 'Waiau-toa Odyssey' which won the Best NZ Made Film at the 2017 NZ Mountain Film Festival, 'Team Odyssey' are ready to take on a bigger 'bikerafting' journey. The film will explore the freedom, peace and excitement that this novel mode of travel gives these weekend warriors as they take in the breathtaking scenery and challenges of the Kahurangi National Park in the remote north west corner of the South Island



Bikepacking Gear Comparison and review

Bikepacking Gear Comparison and review

Title image by @extremekidsproductions 

In the past year and a bit I have been fortunate to be able to trial a few brands of bikepacking bags during my incessant need for backcountry bikepacking and bikerafting trips. I want to make it clear that some of this equipment has been supplied to me through sponsorship for projects but I have also purchased several items that I couldn't resist trying too. 

my latest incarnation rig for bikerafting. Big influence from the Salsa EXP range. 

my latest incarnation rig for bikerafting. Big influence from the Salsa EXP range. 

Cactus Outdoor

Cactus Outdoor have been an awesome partner in the past 6 months and I felt very honoured to be asked to trial a pre production handlebar harness and seat bag and provide a small amount of input to the finished product. 

Cactus gear being put to its paces on ' Looking Down is looking Up- The Harper Pass Brevet'   

Cactus gear being put to its paces on 'Looking Down is looking Up- The Harper Pass Brevet'  

On the 5 day ride to film 'Looking Down is Looking Up- The Harper Pass Brevet' we were lucky enough to have support from Cactus and we put the gear through its paces in some rugged terrain. Just like most Cactus equipment the bags are built super tough and I reckon they'd outlast  other brands. The Grippin alloy buckle is a great feature on both the Love Handle handlebar harness and the Love Bundle seat bag, hopefully when they are worn they will be easier to tighten but the reality is most straps are best tightened gently with pliers which can overload plastic buckles but not grippin buckles.

The design team does have some finishing work to do on the density of the rubber handlebar bumpers. The seat bag is bomber and has the least sway of any seat bag I've used. Unfortunately it is not seam sealed but a plastic bag inside will keep your gear dry on most trips. 

The top tube bag is super simple light and has the added bonus of a mesh pocket on the outside that Muel tucked jelly dinosaur lollys into on the tour of central Canterbury. 

The Cactus Outdoor bikepacking gear is sewn up in the Christchurch factory keeping NZ working and this brings positive karma when purchasing. Also Cactus gear is renown for being 'Cactus Tough' and this has definitely trickled down to their bikepacking range. Finally, the price point of their range is lower than some other major brands made offshore making Cactus exceptional value.  

Trialling some of the first production gear from Cactus in the Canterbury backcountry.  

Trialling some of the first production gear from Cactus in the Canterbury backcountry.  

 Salsa Cycles

 Salsa Cycles has an impressive range of bags recently updating their EXP range with frame bags for fat bikes and Salsa hardtails. 

The EXP Anything cradle is a design marvel and addresses the two major issues of the handlebar harness, cable crush and head tube rub. Check out my full review here

I recently took delivery of a EXP frame bag for the Salsa Mukluk which is incredibly cavernous and will definitely add a lot of value to that rig on bikerafting missions. Just like the entire range the frame bag is seam sealed and nearly waterproof.  

The EXP Seatpack, which has an air release valve for easy sealing is awesome,it doesn't need lining and will safely keep your sleeping bag dry in wet conditions. However when fully loaded the Salsa seat bag does have a fair amount of sway. 

The EXP Top Tube bag is significantly larger than the cactus model (for better or worse) is also seam sealed and has the option of bolt on to Salsa compatible frames. 

The water resistant nature of the EXP range makes them standout choices when using in damp environments especially bikerafting. 

Salsa Cycles slogan 'Adventure By Bike' resounds through the entire range of bikes and equipment and is exceptionally well designed by the team in Minnesota and obviously the parent company, QBP has its offshore manufacturing channels dialled. 

The Salsa EXP Anything Cradle system with front pouch and dry bag, Southern Alps NZ.  

The Salsa EXP Anything Cradle system with front pouch and dry bag, Southern Alps NZ.  

Salsa Cycles EXP range is available through Cyclewerks here in NZ and SCV Imports in Strayla.

This image shows how the Salsa EXP Anything Cradle smartly keeps the load away from the head Tube and cables/hoses.  

This image shows how the Salsa EXP Anything Cradle smartly keeps the load away from the head Tube and cables/hoses.  

I have had 2 custom bags made by Dom @dirtbagutilityco. The full frame bag for the Pony Rustler has seen a few trips now and is a well made piece of kit. I can highly recommend Dom for your custom bag. See my full review here 

climbing out of the Waiau-toa Clarence river after a solid week of adventure with Revelate gear. 

climbing out of the Waiau-toa Clarence river after a solid week of adventure with Revelate gear. 

 Revelate Designs

Revelate Designs is synonymous with bikepacking. Revelate helped start the surge of interest in loading a mountain bike with nylon bags and going backcountry. 

I used the Revelate handlebar harness and Pika seat bag for the  7 day journey that was Waiau-toa Odyssey and they performed very well. The handlebar harness never budged with packrafts/paddles and PFD's attached over hundreds of km of rough terrain and I believe the mark 2 model has made improvements further. 

The Pika seat bag was good, see my full review here. It did suffer a hole from scuffing against the seat post though also it is not seam sealed. 

Revelate Designs can be purchased in NZ from Cyclewerks

Image courtesy of Stirling Images  

Image courtesy of Stirling Images  

Shown above on Muel's bike is a seat bag from another good NZ manufacturer Stealth Bike Bags. 

its fair to say that the bikepacking gear market is flooded with brands and products . There is a bag to suit every rider in every application, this is a great position for the consumer as s/he has a wide variety of price/durability/weight/sizes to choose from not to mention the custom options. There really is no excuse to strapping some lightweight camping gear to a rig and going on a journey. It's your choice if it's a month long crossing of a continental divide or a sub 24 hour escape from civilisation into the hills, so get amongst it!

This film was shot on a 2 day bikerafting loop I discovered on the West Coast. Bikerafting relys on using bikepacking bags at their limit including the extra loads of a packraft, paddle and bouyancy aid. 

#westcanterbury - 'The Goods!'

#westcanterbury - 'The Goods!'

The Benmore ride in the Korowai Tussocklands is the epitome of gnarly technical scree riding, I was peaking most of the day... 

Salsa Pony Rustler

Salsa Pony Rustler

First impressions after 10 hours on the Salsa Pony Rustler.