I recently got a new backpack, the Cactus Henry. It's an awesome bag, suitable for long and short trips. I chose it due to the secure harness. I initially passed up the Cactus Nort as it looked too small for long backcountry day trips plus it had no chest harness. On further investigation it turns out the Nort is chest strap compatible with the additional sternum strap

That was enough to turn me on, I ordered the Nort. It is a classic shape skinny and spine hugging, ideal to protect the vitals from a huck to flat somersault (well not for this puppy) .


Once I installed the sternum strap the security was almost as good as the Henry. The shoulder straps are comfortable but not over padded, a cool lil exit for the hydration hose and a couple of loops to snug it away on the shoulder straps.  

Its safe to say that even on a short 2 hour ride I carry a lot of gear (see below) , the Nort swallowed it all and still potentially had room for 2 ham sandwiches, several snack bars and perhaps a zombie apocalypse kit, nah only kidding. It has 3 zippered conpartments, the main one, an external zip to a roomy compartment for your holy water and wooden stakes (lol) and an internal fleece lined pocket for valuables (and the silver crucifix, stop it!). Finally the interior is lined in high vis nylon to make it easier to find stuff. 


The Nort is a heavy duty, lightweight backpack suitable for short to long day trips, just like all Cactus packs made to wear in not out. Tip get the sternum strap. 

Below I have listed the tools, spares and clothing I take on pretty much any ride. Some would say a balaclava, satellite tracker and emergency bivy bag is OTT for a 2 hour ride, but you know what, crashes happen, and I'd feel stink if I couldn't keep someone, or myself, as comfortable as possible after a big stack and/or direct emergency assistance accurately to our position. So if you're riding with me, relax, I got your back. 

  • Rain jacket/shell
  • polypro balaclava
  • emergency bivy bag
  • Spot satellite tracker
  • sunscreen/lip balm/chamois cream(butt butter)
  • pump w duct tape wrapped around it
  • spare tube (2 on longer rides) w duct tape
  • Tools/spare kit in Cactus tool bag. Bike specific multi tool w chain breaker, leatherman multitool w pliers, 3 tire levers, replaceable derailleur hanger, set brake pads, SPD cleat, 3 quick links, 2 chain pins, heavy duty needle and dental floss, tubeless valve, selection of tube patches and tire boot, selection of zip ties.

Thanks to Cactus Outdoor  for supplying the Nort for me to test.