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Film Brief:

Bikepacking and Brevet events are on the rise, a genre of biking that appeals to a wide market. In Canterbury NZ, ‘The Flahute Presents’ events organiser is fanatical about everything to do with biking, living on his own bike park and offering over 25 events (non competitive) in his calendar. This film will document his weird and wacky brevet style and follow a first time brevet rider through some majestic Canterbury high country.

Salsa Cutthroat, to be used in the project

Salsa Cutthroat, to be used in the project


Shailer and Candice Hart own a little slice of paradise in the McQueens Valley on the southern slopes of Banks Peninsula. They call it ‘The Haven’, a series of trails criss cross the steep hills in some regenerating native bush. The scene will be set by introducing Shailer and his events.

After interviewing the couple at their home, footage will be shot riding their trails. Aerial footage will reveal the majestic setting of The Haven.

The third character is Deane Parker, Deane hasn’t competed in any bike racing for over 25 years from a promising start as both a road and mountain bike racer. Normally the type of rider that shies away from events.

Deane will particpate in the ‘Lakeside Views’, a 250km 2 day brevet to have a go at an organised event. We will film Deane’s preparation and get some insight into what’s involved as a first time brevet rider.

The event will be shot POV style by Deane with supporting ground and aerial footage by Extremekid Productions.

Below is a short film shot in the same location to the event;

Project Status;

The event is scheduled for 28/29 September. The project is being supported by Salsa Cycles and Salsa’s platform will be the online premiere for maximum exposure. The film will be submitted to other online sites i.e and

The resulting film will be sub 10 minutes in length to appeal to the online audience. The target audience is bikers from all walks of life that may have contemplated participation in a Brevet/Endurance style event

The plan is to premiere the film Mid December. Our goal is to generate 10k views within a 6 month period. To achieve this we will also offer editorial for printed magazines (Spoke Magazine) and for blogs on sponsors websites. There will be a trailer released prior to the film premiere and accompanying social media campaign.

We are looking to attract brand partners to support the film with funding, product and online platforms for exposure.


Current Partners.


Salsa Cycles

Trackme NZ


Ground Effect Clothing

Rab Down wear


Cyclewerks NZ

Goat Cycles Bike Shop

Sponsorship Proposal.

Premium Sponsor;

Any brand that can cover the trip expenses will receive maximum exposure at the same level as Salsa Cycles. This will include;

  • Brand logo appearing at the start and in the credits of the film

  • exclusive editorial content for your use

  • tagging in the accompanying social media campaign

Equipment Sponsor;

All brands that support the project with equipment will receive the following exposure;

  • Brand logo appearing in the credits of film

  • A gear review published on and offered for your use

  • tagging into the accompanying social media campaign

Image by @extremekidproductions (also the title pic)

Image by @extremekidproductions (also the title pic)