I wear gloves mountain biking for 2 reasons, the first I've got sweaty hands, secondly (yep let's move on from the first point), to protect my hands from crashes and from trees and vegetation growing close to the trail looking to whip, scrape or bash my hands. I had the opportunity to trial 3 different style of gloves from Tineli over the last 6 months.


Mesh full finger glove, This is the glove I spent most time in over summer including the bikerafting expedition. It is very light and cool, no padding over the palm gives more feel of the grips, ideal summer gloves for xc or trail riders. It has a tight fit so fingertip dexterity is good. This glove has no sweat wipe fleecy bit on the base of the thumb and I did miss it, also the seam between the back of the glove and the thumb section was very fragile and needs to be made more robust, which would be easy if a sweat wipe was added too.


 The above glove is called the Full Finger Glove, it's that alright. This is much more heavy duty than the mesh glove, I preferred this glove for everything other than the height of Summer, still no padding on the palm but 2 layers will help. This glove was the only one that had a Velcro wrist tab and I liked the adjustability, open for climbs and snugged up for downhills and the chilly rides. It does have some thermal material over the back of the hand so it does get pretty warm so probably not going to attract the fizzing enduro types.


Winter Thermal Gloves , I've only worn this glove a couple of times, it's too damm hot! There is so much warm stuff on the back but still plenty of feel through the palm, enough to work shifters modulate brake levers, but maybe not enough for swiping right on tinder. Long snug cuffs mean no cold wrists.

A good range of gloves, one for xc riders, one for all round trail/enduro riding and one for Antartic conditions, just like a box of chocolates...Tineli Performance Bikewear.